Speaker at District 96 Toastmaster Conference

Speaker at Vancouver Get Inspired Talks


Speaker at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

What People Say

Roger Killen 

Producer - Get Inspired Talks Inc

In my capacity as the Producer of Vancouver Get Inspired Talks, I worked closely with Tracey Purvis during the 5 months leading up to the October 20, 2018 event at which she spoke.

During that time I observed that Tracey was a passionate advocate for optimistic thinking, was readily coachable, did things effectively and efficiently, was a skilled communicator and inspired others with her ‘can do’ attitude.

Tracey was always a delight to work with. Her reasoned thinking, positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm made her a great team-mate. She was much respected by all.

Tracey contributed significantly to the success of the Vancouver Get Inspired Talks event.

Customer Review

An easy and inspiring read!

Reading Tracey's story brought such love, inspiration and 'realness' to life. Her writing style is honest and attention-grabbing and regardless of what challenges we're facing in our own lives, she keeps her story relatable. With a world seemingly spinning out of control, she reminds us that gratitude IS a choice and she lives it every day. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us Tracey.


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